The warehouse is a totally secure compound, located on a low-traffic, two lane residential street. It's a quiet, private, very flexible space.

You will find more than enough in-house power (110/220), securely gated parking , and cool props to use however you like. As a functional shop we also have on-site capability to build or modify sets and props; or we can create custom pieces upon request.  For larger crews or per talent request we do have multiple bathrooms available, as well as secure, comfortable dressing/green rooms with attached private facilities.


About the Space 

The vibe is a mash-up of Rock n' Roll, Blue Collar American Pride,

Biker club hangout, post WWII victory Celebration....

                                                                                               just plain Cool.​

 Wood & beam ceilings in one part of the warehouse, vaulted corrugated tin in the other half. Also there is one large, long brick wall, some cinder block walls, a HUGE roll up garage door, a white painted plaster wall, and a wall of old gnarly looking windows. Different looks to choose if you feel like it.  The warehouse was built in 1945, and a lot of it is dressed in period-correct props.

Got specific questions we haven't answered? Lets Talk.​


We are centrally located in South LA, about 10 minutes South/East of Culver City. Please call for exact address and directions.


Television, music videos, still photography, prop rental, feature film, etc.

Please note however, this property is NOT available for parties or similar events.



Please call for daily and weekly rates.  I'm flexible & happy to offer services tailored to your budget.  310-227-4878





Let me know your needs!

...I'm here to accomodate them.







Available Props

​Around the shop you'll find...

  • A few large & vintage neon signs

  • An unrestored 1947 Airstream trailer, 28 foot.

  • Motorcycles: a 97' Harley Davidson Softail, 70's style Honda custom, and a Yamaha desert scrambler

  • The warehouse was built in 1945, so a lot of it is dressed period correct props. WWII aircraft parts, rudders, old tool boxes, vintage lights & switches, photos, pin-up calenders, books, license plates, car memorabilia, etc.

  • I've got LOTS of old wood boxes & crates; military, restored, broken, soda-pop, whiskey, munitions, automotive, utility company, lemon crates, etc.

  • Classic Hot rod & antique car parts; 1939 Truck hood, 1937 Cadillac front end, 1950's Mexican Tow truck door, choppers, Mercury Fenders, etc.

  • "I" beam-mounted, chain drive pulley on sliding overhead rail. (what you'd hoist out an engine block with)

  • Double wide 25' ft. roll-up door.

  • Cactus garden & a whole bunch of ol' rusty 'things' in the outdoor yard.  Call it a Vintage Americana / California Country look.

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